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Maine Computer Tutor

©Nancy Cooper Funk    photo of the Maine Computer tutor with a very attentive student
The Maine Computer Tutor, David, with a very attentive student.


My name is David Funk and
I offer personalized help in using your computer and
accessories (digital cameras, scanners, printers, etc.)
in the comfort and convienence of your home.

Think of me as a "piano teacher" for private
lessons on the "instrument" of your computer.

I don't fix computers, I teach you how to
effectively use a computer in your everyday routine
to get the things that are important to you done
with a minimum of strain and pain.

Many people find their computers to be
very frustrating and bewildering.

They don't have to be,
in fact they are quite amazing if "played " properly.

Just like a piano doesn't sound too good until
you have had some lessons and practiced a few "tunes",
a computer needs some lessons to "sound" good.

A personal computer, like any "instrument",
can be mastered and "played" to the level of expertise
you need it to function at with practice
and the proper kind and amount of instruction.

I am located in the Kennebunk area of Maine.

I will be getting more up on this website shortly
to explain more about the services that I offer.

If you have any questions about
how I can help
or would like to set up an appointment
please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you!




My phone number is (207) 967-2568


PO Box 566A
Kennebunkport ME 04046

Though I live in southern Maine,
I may be able to help you from afar
on-line or by phone.



I will be having an exhibit of my bas-relief woodcarvings
at the Kennebunk Library
October 2 thru October 30, 2008

click here for samples of my woodcarvings and drawings.

click here to see my Bio



I am also an organic gardener
and I offer lessons for vegetable and perennial gardening.

Artist ~ Illustrator

My wife, Nancy Cooper Funk, is an artist ~ illustrator.
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Maine Memories!